Casino Cheats Can Now Be Caught On Camera

Casinos introduce digital technology to keep an eagle eye in potential cheats at the roulette table.

Who doesn’t love a game of Roulette? It’s the randomness of winning that makes the game so exciting, along with the frantic spinning of the ball before it finally comes to a stop.

As online gamers’ desire for live-dealer casino games continues to grow, the companies supplying the interactive software are now finding themselves very much in demand as casinos strive to offer the very best in graphic technology to their customers.

Most people who play at the Roulette wheel already know the rules of the game. Players place their bets based on which number the ball will come to a stop at. The Croupier releases the ball onto the wheel, calling ‘Last bets’ when the wheel is spinning at its fastest. No bets are allowed after this point and any players caught doing this would be branded cheaters and normally ejected from the casino.

So, if everyone knows the rules, why does the casino feel it necessary to turn its digital attention towards the roulette table? Well, it would seem that some players are not happy with the randomness of winning on the roulette wheel and are trying to tip the odds in their favour.

An accomplice is often needed, so these cheats tend to work in pairs. Once the Croupier has started the wheel spinning and has called for last bets, one member of the team distracts them by making a fuss. As the wheel begins to slow, the second member of this dastardly duo sneaks in and places an extra bet, taking advantage of their now much improved odds.

Having become wise to this practice, the new camera system aims to tackle this new threat by detecting any movement on the table in line with the movement of the ball. Any movement made by stealthy fingers once the ball has slowed to a certain point will be detected by the camera and the croupier will be alerted. If proved to be successful, this new camera technology could be rolled out across the entire casino. Roulette is known for having good odds. In American Roulette, there are two zeroes – “0” and “00”. In European Roulette, the odds are even better – there is only one zero – “0” and thus when you bet on even or odd numbers, there is one less chance for it not to be what you chose. This means European Roulette has good odds to begin with.