Do You Still Remember the Old Playtech Slots?

As Playtech release more and more fantastic slot games, a number of older classics are undeservedly being forgotten. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the constant stream of exciting new online slot games from Playtech is that some of the older games are forgotten. In many ways this is no great shame as the new games are generally better thanks to developing technology, however, there are a few games which should be remembered as they truly offer something special.

Remember the Old Playtech Slots

8 payline slot games are unique to Playtech casinos and since there are no more being developed it is important that some of them are kept alive. For instance, Chinese Kitchen is a great 8 payline slot game; the atmosphere created is so authentic that one feels as if they can actually smell the kitchen. The symbols are pictures of different food items and are displayed in a 3 by 3 matrix. The paylines go horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the matrix and even though there are no jackpots or bonus games, Chinese Kitchen is a true classic that deserves to be remembered and enjoyed. Another game facing extinction is Fair Magic, whilst this game is not very old; it has been severely neglected by players. The game features scatter, wild and bonus symbols (a tree house, unicorn and fairy respectively) as well as gnomes, squirrels, daffodils and mushrooms.

The bonus game is great fun, when the fairy appears on a reel she drops a star behind it, if four stars are collected under a reel then the player receives a bonus of four times the total bet as well as five free spins with doubled payouts.

These are just two of many slot games that should be remembered and played regularly. They are still widely available at Playtech casinos so next time you feel like spinning the reels see if you can find an old favourite and bring new life to these classics.

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